App User Segmentation and Uninstall Behavior - Analysis

In the dynamic world of mobile apps, the quest for user retention is both an art and a science. My collaborator, Yinglu Wen, and I recently embarked on a data-driven exploration, armed with R, Tableau, and SQL, to dissect user segmentation and uninstall behaviors within an anonymous app. The rich tapestry of anonymized data, generously provided by, became the canvas for our analysis.

In this project, we unveil the insights gained from our analysis, delving into the intricate patterns that dictate whether users stay engaged or silently slip away. The question we wished to answer was:

 "How Do We Increase User Retention On The Mobile Application?"

Join us as we navigate through the data landscape, leveraging statistical prowess, compelling visualizations, and actionable recommendations. Our mission is not just to decode user behavior but to provide a roadmap for mobile applications seeking to enhance their user retention strategies. Welcome to the journey where data transforms into wisdom, and every click tells a story of user engagement and loyalty.


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About Dataset


Dataset Descriptionn


Our dataset originated from by ADITYARAJ SHARMA - App User Segmentation and Uninstall Behavior and contains the following variables as stated by Sharma.

UserID: This column represents a unique identifier for each user. 

Average Screen Time: Average amount of time (in minutes) a user spends on the app. 

Average Spent on App (INR): Average amount of money spent by each user in Indian Rupees (INR) within the app. 

Left Review: This binary column indicates whether a user has left a review for the app. A value of 1 represents that the user left a review, while 0 indicates no review was left.

Ratings: User ratings provided for the app from 1-5. Ratings often serve as a measure of user satisfaction and can impact the app's reputation.

New Password Request: Instances where a user requested a new password.

Last Visited Minutes: Number of minutes since the user last visited the app. 

Status: Categorizes the user's current status in relation to the app. "Installed" denotes that the user still has the app on their device, while "Uninstalled" indicates that the user has removed the app.


Detailed Analysis

Analysis of App User Segmentation & Uninstall Behavior

Analysis of Application User Segmentation & Uninstall Behavior
  • Analysis of Application User Segmentation & Uninstall Behavior​

  • How we can use that data to increase user retention for mobile applications​

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Oct 2023 - Nov 2023
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Analytics Projects
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